Fostering a healthy and just food system for all

Serving Worcester and Beyond


Since 2006, Worcester Food Policy Council has worked with multiple local stakeholders to foster a vibrant, healthy, abundant, and equitable food system in the City of Worcester.

In March, 2023, the Worcester County Food Bank brought us together with the Central Mass SNAP Coalition and the City of Worcester Task Force on Food Security under one umbrella, the Center on Food Equity. As part of the the Center, we continue to research and advocate for sensible, visionary food policies that will create a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable food system for all our neighbors in the City of Worcester.

A Cohort of-50

Worcester Food Policy Council brings together those who wish to affect the food system.

The Council includes organizations, institutions, businesses and residents. Meetings are a place for issues to be raised and solutions created.

1. Healthy Food for All

We want everyone in every neighborhood of Worcester to have fresh, culturally appropriate, and affordable fruits, vegetables, and healthy meals. Learn about what we do.

2. Growing Urban Agriculture

We want to bring agriculture back to the City, and make sure anyone can farm land and sell their products in the City. Learn about our priorities.

3. Building a Food Movement for All

From farmers to nutritionists, activists, researchers, and beyond, we want to bring everyone together to build this movement together! Get Involved.

Advocacy Knows No Bounds

The Worcester Food Policy Council is here for you.


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