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Action Needed TODAY: HIP Funding!

Your advocacy is working! Thanks to your calls and emails, the House Ways and Means Committee included $2.15M for HIP funding in the supplemental budget bill that will be voted on THIS MORNING. That money will allow HIP to continue through June, avoiding the planned suspension of the program entirely.That’s just a first step, though. […]

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Amazon Delivery and Food Accessibility

Amazon, the e-tailing giant, has been making a lot of noise on the groceries front. Between their acquisition of Whole Foods, their Amazon Fresh delivery service, and their new Amazon Go no-checkout store, they’re bringing a lot of disruption to the grocery industry. In the midst of it all, a meme started circulating on social […]

2019 SNAP Budget Proposal

2019 SNAP Budget Proposal – Who Wins and What’s Lost

Yesterday, the Trump administration released its proposed budget for FY 2019. The included 2019 SNAP budget proposal, if adopted, would make major structural changes to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. In addition to deep cuts and changes to eligibility requirements, the administration proposes replacing half the monthly EBT allotment with a distribution of prepackaged foods. […]

A brightly colored photo of canned produce in glass jars. Superimposed text reads SNAP and Health - Food Is Medicine. The Worcester Food Policy Council is in the lower right corner.

SNAP and Health – Food Is Medicine

SNAP and Health – Intricately Intertwined Over the past week, we’ve spent some time reading the December 2017 report from the Food Research and Action Center, Hunger & Health: The Impact of Poverty, Food Insecurity and Poor Nutrition on Health & Wellbeing.  The findings are eye-opening – or, more to the point, they confirm what […]

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Action Alert: Support HIP!

Why We Need You to Support HIP Now The Massachusetts legislature is currently setting its budget priorities for the 2019 FY budget. We’re asking the legislature to include $6.2 million in the budget to support HIP for FY2019. Your legislators need to hear from you about the importance of HIP. Legislators have until this Friday, […]