Over the past several months, the state has relocated Department of Transitional Assistance offices in several cities. In many cases, the relocation moves those offices from central locations to locations on the outskirts of a city. In Worcester, the offices relocated from downtown to Southwest Cutoff. For many clients and others in need, that will mean taking two buses resulting in a 2 to 4 hour round trip in order to keep appointments necessary to maintain safety net services. Relocations in other cities have similar results. This petition and the accompanying bill will add transparency to the process of deciding to relocate state offices that concern safety net access, including requiring notice and public hearings to ensure that affected communities are included in the process and can air their concerns.


Please join us in advocating for the passage of HD 2517  An Act to protect safety net access for Massachusetts residents, which will help ensure transparency in the closure and relocation of community service offices. These are some quick actions you can take to help.

Thank you for joining the Worcester Food Policy Council in fighting to ensure transparency regarding the closure and relocation of community service offices so that our vulnerable communities will still have access to their safety net! As of May 6, a total of 10Representatives and Senators have co-sponsored Bill HD 2517 ! Our goal is to continue building momentum for the bill through some quick follow-up actions.

We are asking you to:

  1. Write an email to your local legislators!

    1. Check here to see if your local State Representative and State Senator have co-sponsored HD 2517. You can find out who your local legislators are here.

    2. Use this template to draft your letter to your local legislator. Edit it as necessary to make it personal.

    3. Send your letter to your local legislator via email. Legislators’ email address can be found on their profiles here.

  2. Send a thank you email!

    1. If your local legislators have already co-sponsored the bill, we highly encourage you to thank them!

    2. Use this template to draft your thank you letter and send via email. Legislators’ email address can be found on their profiles here.

  3. Post on social media!

    1. We have created graphics for all of our supporting organizations to share on their social media accounts. The graphics can be found and downloaded here.

Also Please SAVE THE DATE for a virtual rally with our legislatures and community on May 24th at 10am – more details coming soon!

Thank you for your time and energy in supporting this important bill!

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