Dethroning King Corn

By FALPC Intern, Kristina Kalolo Do you ever wonder what would happen if one-fourth of the nation’s agricultural land, and one-third of American’s calories, weren’t dedicated to corn? Well, lucky for you, the researchers over at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) recently released “The Healthy Farmland Diet”. It is a study that examines what […]

Factory Farms, Local Meat, and Being Vegetarian in Worcester

One conversation that seems to make people instantly uncomfortable and evasive is talking about the meat we eat and where it came from. It is understandable considering the immense factory farming, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), that dominate U.S. food production. Started as a way to produce “cheap meat”, now 99% of the meat […]

Are You Defending Your “Right to Know”?

By Kristina Kalolo, FALPC Intern Two Massachusetts legislative committees are considering five bills that would require the labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Essentially, these bills would require the words “genetically engineered” to be present on the front of packaging and that processed foods would say “partially produced with genetic engineering” (approximately 75 percent of […]

Kindergarteners on the Farm!

By Isabel Burgess and Lauren Wetherbee, Worcester Kindergarten Initiative It’s been a busy year at the Worcester Kindergarten Initiative! The initiative, which is facilitated by the Massachusetts Farm to School Project in conjunction with the Worcester Public Schools, is a multidisciplinary nutritional education program that aims to teach kindergarteners about healthy eating and local farms […]