Here’s a roundup of today’s farmers market ice cream recipes, just in case you missed them. They were all inspired by the wonderful variety of fresh herbs, greens and fruits you’ll typically find at the REC community farmers markets, the Mobile farmers markets and the Canal District Farmers Market. All of the herbs used in these recipes were grown from plants bought last year and earlier this season through REC, or at one of the farmers markets – but you don’t have to buy a potted plant to grow your own fresh herbs at home. Most common herbs will happily sprout roots if you stick a cutting in soil, and most farmers at the market will happily give you tips on how to propagate fresh herbs from cuttings.

Meanwhile, enjoy some icy goodness, courtesy of the local farmers markets.

Three cups of sherbet arranged on white background
Three fresh sherbet-sorbets made with #farmersmarket fresh fruits, herbs and green tea.

The Recipes:

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