5 Food Policy Trends to Watch in 2019

2018 was a year for the books. We watched the administration roll back rules that protect the environment, support small farms, address food insecurity and encourage food sovereignty. Food policy advocates spent much of the year putting out dumpster fires — challenging new rules around work requirements, so-called “Harvest Boxes” and immigration. In the midst […]

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Food Policy News – Five Food Policy Issues to Watch

Keeping up with food policy news isn’t always easy. With all the changes coming from Washington and the states (even Massachusetts isn’t immune), sometimes policy changes that affect the food environment fly under the radar. Often, policies seemingly unrelated to hunger prevention can have a profound effect on programs that fight food insecurity and promote […]

The Many Faces of

The Many Faces of Food Entrepreneurship

As Worcester considers its Urban Agriculture zoning ordinance, we’ve been doing a lot of talking about “food entrepreneurship,” one of those terms of art that sound fancy but may be hard to imagine. What is a food entrepreneur, exactly? You may think it refers to farms and restaurants, but there’s so much more to it […]