farmers market recipes – zucchini

Farmers Market Bounty – 10 Unexpected Zucchini Recipes

It’s that time of year again. Farmers markets, backyard gardens, community gardens – wherever you get your fresh vegetables – are bursting with the bounty of … zucchini. If you have gardening neighbors, they’re probably trying to hand off their extra zucchini to you because zucchini is one of the most prolific producers in nearly […]

Three cups of sherbet arranged on white background

Farmers Market Recipes – Three Herbalicious Sorbets

Here’s a roundup of today’s farmers market ice cream recipes, just in case you missed them. They were all inspired by the wonderful variety of fresh herbs, greens and fruits you’ll typically find at the REC community farmers markets, the Mobile farmers markets and the Canal District Farmers Market. All of the herbs used in […]

rasperry basil sorbet made with farmers market ingredients

Farmers Market Recipe – Raspberry Basil Sorbet

We might have gotten just a little carried away with the bounty of fresh berries and the herb harvest from our Farmers Market plants. The raspberry basil sorbet was actually the first recipe we made, and the inspiration for the strawberry rosemary sherbet and the green tea and mint ice cream we posted earlier. This […]

farmers market green tea and mint ice cream in glass bowl

Farmers Market Recipe – Green Tea and Mint Ice Cream

When people think of farmers markets, they usually picture fresh vegetables, greens and fruit, but the Worcester Community Farmers markets offer a whole lot more than just produce. Local crafters, small business owners and entrepreneurs also make use of farmers market spaces to connect with new customers. We found a lovely selection of artisanal teas […]